Thursday, November 24, 2005

Man Made Man

The Man in this photo is a 50 year old man... was sitting before the Director's chamber on Thursday, at Visakhapatnam steel plant Main Administrative Campus. Many of them thought that he too came to submit some forms. If you try to talk to him he wont speak, he wont even respond to you, and worse he doesn't even blink his eyes. Finally what will you do if some one says that he is not a man. Yes, it is true he is not a man.

Rama Krishna, Ravi Chandar, Shiva Prasad Reddy, students of Andhra University Fine Arts, have worked for 3 months under the name of "Life Model", to build this master piece with clay and plaster of paris. They wanted to install this at the Steel Plant Museum, so they thought to see what every one will feel like if it was put before the officials chambers. Any way they did not get the permission for other reasons.

Source: Online Edition of Eenadu Paper dated 25th November 2005.

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