Monday, May 15, 2006

Gmail Automatic Forwarding

If you had an account in GMail you might have already known that there is a way to forward all the incoming messages automatically. But is this really a feature or a problem.

Let me explain how it is a problem. Suppose A and B are two persons who are having a@ and b@ Now this A, wants to give some trouble to this B. He can do it as follows:
  1. He will first create another email account c@
  2. Using this email ID he will then subscribe to a lot of high traffic groups/forums, eg. lkml.
  3. He will then auto forward all these emails to B's email b@
This is completely possible because gmail does not ask for any conformation from the receiver when the sender asks to forward. So, in our case B will suddenly receive a lot of emails all of a sudden. And most of them are not necessary for him. He cannot block all the messages saying that it is a spam or so... Because it is really not a spam. More over B cannot do anything to stop this new flood of incoming messages.

We may have some kind of fix for this problem....
First B has to click on the "more options", then he will be provided with some more options as follows, there he should select "show original" option.
Clicking on this option, B can view complete information, as it is, when the email server received. Here B should now search for his email-id b@ Beside that email-id he would find another email-id c@ from which he is actually receiving the mail from. So, the solution is he should just create a filter which moves all the messages received from this email-id directly into trash. Not very good technique, but certainly it is not a bad procedure.

OK, with gmail we can see the original message and do something to reduce the intensity of the problem. What if B is having his email account in some other email service, which does not show the original message.