Tuesday, August 09, 2005

More Legs More Standing

Today is a big day. Really a VERY BIG DAY. 6 more of my classmates got placed in a single day. For many days I was wondering about -- many companies are visiting the companies, inviting the MTechs (ofcourse, for a more pay than BTechs), for their recruitment process, some of friends cleared the written test as well. But the interview phase is really a hell, put up with so many silly questions. Even some HR questions in tech interview. Here is an example of that...

  1. Why are you doing MTech? [in one of the technical interview this ws the only question asked...]
  2. I have a Processor and a temperature monitor. How would you interface both of them and get the readings as a graph? [this must be a software company i believe]. my friend is about to explain the process like take the readings regularly etc etc. same as what we do for Real Time systems. But the interviewer interupted in middle and went for third.
  3. Which port of the processor (pentium IV) would you use for this process....
  4. He asked about the interesting subjects, he told some 5 or 6 subjects. Now he started asking questions from those subjects which he did not mention in that 5 or 6.
  5. Finally, advised him to do PHD....
Thats all the worst part they undergone. But today two companies visited the campus, both of them paying the same for MTechs and BTechs. And again we did it 6 people cleared the written test put by the companies and then all the six got placed, and yes it is a very nice pay.

Moral: Just wait for the right company that will come at the right time.